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Juan Santamaria International Airport (San Jose, Costa Rica)

I want to share some information with you. I arrived on June 4th and I was approached by taxi drivers while I was leaving the airport. I told them that I was waiting for my fiancée, who lives in Alajuela. They continue to harass me and say "Uber is illegal". I never even mentioned Uber. Also, I left the airport in a taxi. Why are they harassing me while I wait for my Novia and getting "in my face" telling me Uber is illegal? I know Uber and UberEats is used throughout the area. Why are they allowed to harass people? Can you please do something about it. It's making me uncomfortable while I wait for my fiancée. Please contact me.

— Derek John Colwell

Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

I’m giving the airport 4 stars because most people are wonderful. We are frequent travelers to PR and love the warmth of the PR people Today I had the misfortune of meeting the rudest PR I have ever met at BQN. Her name is Wanda Garcia. She is some type of security manager. Her badge number 5629. Her attitude, childish behavior, and disrespectful tone almost ruined our latest wonderful trip to PR. She got upset when some of our children went the wrong way in a queue and made them sit in “time out” in the hot sun until she decided it was ok for them to go inside. When I arrived, she had the audacity to tell me my kids were not respectful. To make matters even worse, I asked her who she worked for and she proceeded to lie saying she worked for Homeland Security. One of the REAL Homeland Security took me aside and said she was lying. I took 9 people to PR and spent many thousands of dollars. While we had a great time as always, Ms Garcia had at least two of the girls in tears as we left the beautiful island of PR. I hope someone in authority reads this and counsels her on her behavior

— Chris Wood

Tianjin Binhai International Airport (Tianjin, China)

Hi, my name is Hélio and I live in Massachusetts USA. I’m looking for information about some aircrafts that I’m interested in buying model Viper SD-4 that were abandoned by a bankrupted company at a bonded warehouse at Tianjin Airport. Any information you guys can give me such as phone numbers, email will be very welcome Thank you Kind rgds Hélio Oliveira

— Hélio Oliveira

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