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Sais Airport (Fez (Fes), Morocco)

This is a warning to passengers travelling alone through Fez airport. I felt violated while passing through security early this morning. Two members of staff were present (one male, one female) - they were both fairly intimidating and the female one frisked me as soon as I stepped out from the scanner. There was no warning and she went straight for my breasts in a most inappropriate manner. When I asked her what she was doing, she said it was normal but, in all the years I have been travelling, I have never experienced this and feel other women travellers should be warned to wait for other passengers to go through security together. Twice she went directly for my breasts and the look about her was shocking. I am disgusted and hope other passengers are saved the discomfort and violation, and that Fez airport staff are trained better. This is not 'normal' or acceptable.

— P Stokoe

Glacier Park International Airport (Kalispell, USA)

Much prefer small terminals like this, less stress! Obviously, not full of shops etc, but I don't miss them. They guarantee baggage will be available in under 20 minutes - not sure if that is the airline or the airport. Wasn't sure if it had wifi, it does; I looked but missed it as i would have been looking for either something like Kalispell or FCA.

— Carol Dempster

Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (Ipoh, Malaysia)

Boleh ke tak minta water dispenser kat waiting gate? penumpang2 yg dahaga tak dapat refill air minimum kat pintu tunggu. Harapkan permintaan ini didapatkan pertimbangan pihak perkenanan. Sekian

— S.Eng

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