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Love Field
Dallas, TX, USA

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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas (DFW), 18km (12mi)
Redbird Airport, Dallas (RBD), 19km (12mi)
Tokeen Airport, Tokeen (TKI), 44km (28mi)
Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Fort Worth (AFW), 46km (29mi)

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Passenger feedback

[2 stars]E. Rose (New York) - February 11, 2008
Very convenient to downtown and central Dallas. Parking can be somewhat of a hassle as the equipment displaying available parking spaces doesn't appear to be very accurate. One can spend alot of time looking for a spot during peak business travel times. Terminal has classic styling from the 50's and 60's and has been updated but a bit spread out if you're leaving from one of the far gates. Food choices are a bit limited compared to DFW but does have McDonalds, TGI Friday, and deli type. Airport is served by American, Continental, and Southwest.

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