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Erbil International Airport
Erbil, Iraq

Erbil International Airport

Telephone: +964.66.2532388

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Passenger feedback

haryam osman (silemany) - June 17, 2014
سلاو....بو فروكةخانةي هةوليري نيو دةولةتي تكاية ئةو جانتةنة
بةن بة (عةلي عةطا
لةكةل ريزدا
هةريم عثمان
[info]twana jasme qader (kurdistan-erbil) - May 26, 2014
thanks for well
ksvas (INDIA) - February 26, 2014
hi friends aim working in erbil airport 6years but dnata management is not good airport authority Farah is very bad woman is not good is thinking aim pure man aim working in MHB is making some prob-lime for me and my brother also is Kurdish people is very very good i like barezana securti kaka serbus also is very good man erbil airport seurtiy all of is very good man pls remove the farah is not good woman she is very bad bad ..
[info]yad (Australia) - July 4, 2013
Description: I would like to inform you that, we as a family of six people had trip from Australia to Erbil, Iraq with Qatar Airways . On the way back on 10/02/2013 We arrived at the Erbil Airport 2:20pm,Our luggage’s were checked twice, during the process of the scanning we were told to hold back until some (businessmen) scanned there bags first. Then one guard told us, that the scanning machine had stopped working the whole process took up about 1;30 minutes of our time. when we reached the counter at 4:00pm we were told by the stuff that the airplane was full and no seats left for us. During our conversation they told us we were fifteen minutes late the departure is at 4:45pm and I showed them our tickets the departure is 5:00pm.The stuff got angry ripped tickets off my hands and said to me “It’s wrong! It’s at 4:45 pm not 5:00 we had no choice we had to pay $8500 to new tickets and after 3 days on 13/02/2013 we came back to airport but this time we went through the security and finished in 25 minutes with no stoping ,so that is look like they had a plan for us first time on 10/02/2013
[1 stars]Jayne Amin (Uk) - October 27, 2012
I travelled through Erbil International Airport on September 5th 2012 and had the misfortune to encounter your security staff.

You have real problems to address with your staff if you ever wish to get up to date with the rest of the world. I am female and passes through 3 security checks with one of your female staff who on 3 occasions squeezed my breasts and nipples. When challenged about this she said it was her job to and I was then shouted at and subjected to further security checks by your male staff.

I must tell you that no other airport in the world grabs a woman's breast and tweaks her nipples as part of a security check. Your staff all need proper training if this is what they think happens in the rest of the world because I assure you it does not!

This was my 4th visit to Kurdistan but I will certainly think twice about visiting again if I am to be subjected to another sexual assault......I say sexual assault because that us what it was.

I would appreciate a reply to this complaint and I would like to be reassured that the lady security officer on duty on that day (approx 2.30am) has been reprimanded and retrained.

Another point to make is the fact you are an International Airport yet most of your Kurdish staff don't speak English?? Surely they need to be able to speak the most common language in the world?

Thank you for your time

Yours faithfully

Jayne Amin

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Iraq travel facts

Basic stats

Population28 million
Diplomacy83 Iraq embassies and consulates


CurrencyIraqi dinar (IQD)
Euro exchange rate€1 = IQD1,627.9
IQD1000 = €0.61
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = IQD1,132.5
IQD1000 = US$0.88


Country code+964
International dialing prefix00


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