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Frankfurt International Airport
Frankfurt, Germany


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Passenger feedback

[1 stars]Major General HC Sachdev - December 4, 2019
I & my wife both aged 86 years travelled from Delhi to FRA on Lufthansa in bussiness cl on Nov 27,2019 on way to Orlando booking code OW7ALG. WE arr at FRA at 7.30 AM & next flt was at 1310. I am handicapped & had my Knee replaced recently. We were herded fom one place to other for 3 hrs & 7 persons from FRA Care Services handled our move to the lounge. WE were moved to a room for two hrs where ther was no sitting arrangement, toilet or drinking water. It is the worst adminitered airport. FRA Care Services is very poorly organised & should be named Non Care Swevice as it does not care. I will never come to this Airport again & will not recommend FRA to any body.
suresh nair (am british) - October 14, 2017
on the 13th of october 2017 after having landed at Frankfurt international as we got to the escalator going down to the baggage claim we found it cordoned off and two police personals a female and a male standing there ..asking them how or where we were to go to collect our bags ..we were told to go around to the other side ..getting to the other side it was the same ..with another two personals standing there ..once again asked the lady officer and the answer was "it is closed you have to wait" when we i told that the officers on the other side asked me to come this side she just did not reply which i asked the male officer standing next to her what is to do or where to go to collect our bags which he just answers in a louder tone " she told you is closed u have to wait " to which i asked again telling him where or who can i ask.. his answer was a even louder tone "i am the ploice and i say you have to wait " to which i knew i was talking and wasting my time with a frustrated young man who was not of help but just was there to show the power of the uniform he wears.. (this happened at about 14.10 hrs)
by walking on and looking around for myself i later found another escalator going down to the baggage claim.
it is a pity to find these sort of un mannered un helpful police officers in a major international airport.. a shame to the police force and country i would say.
[1 stars]paul coyle (Ireland) - October 12, 2014
My wife has come through Frankfurt Airport and from what she described your airport is an absolute shithole.Crude and pig ignorant security staff,poorley lighted corridors,, shortage of checkpoints ,no facilities.Your security checks for passengers to Ireland is appalling. My wife was made to feel like a terrorist. But then since you are probably trying to make up for your screw up lapses in security in the past it is not surprising.Your airport is a disgrace.
[question]Alvaro Castellvi (Naramata, BC, Canada) - November 10, 2013
I landed at FRA arriving from YYC on Air Canada 844 8 november 2013 and had a connecting flight to MAD at 13:15 with Lufthansa 1114. Made a 3 minute phone call, using a Visa card, at 12:26 on the 8 november 2013 from a payphone number +6199293499, located in pier A, near gate 21. The charges that showed up in my statement, a few moments later,were US $52.19 for that 3 minute call showing the service provider as BBG Luxembourg instead of the Visa card that I had inserted in the slot. As a client of the FRA airport, paying airport service fees as well as other fees, I feel let down by the absolute lack of security and protection as far as the airport payphone system is concerned. I would like to hear from the Airport Authority with regards this issue.
[2 stars]Viji Sashikant (USA) - June 6, 2013
I flew Lufthansa and landed at Frankfurt Airport from Dulles Airport, Washington DC on June 5th at 7:10 am.

For an international Airport in Germany...

1. There were no moving walkways! I had to walk and walk and walk, go through security and walk some more.

2. Monitors: it was is 7:30 am, my connecting flight is at 12:55, and the monitors list flights only upto 12:20. So... where am I supposed to go? There are 4 terminals!

I located a help desk, and the lady was kind enough to look into her computer and told me that I should go to Terminal B. My flight, she said, was definitely leaving from Terminal B, but she didn't know which gate!

3. In all of Terminal B, there was just 1 water fountain and it was 'Defektiv'! Bottled water was 3.50 Euros! What a rip off!

4. There was just 1 tower for charging your phone. With European plug points. Aha... I had wisely brought an adapter.

5. No hygienic seat covers are provided in the ladies toilets.

When I have flown all night with no sleep and I have a 5-hour wait for my connecting flight, I think I deserve a few comforts. Don't you?

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