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Owen Roberts International Airport
Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands


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Passenger feedback

S.Bowden (North Carolina) - March 17, 2014
In 2013 on my 10 th visit to Cayman Islands. Upon departing Grand Cayman I was told I would have to check my fly rod case. Yes, I have two Sage rod 3 piece set ups, but the rod case fits in the overhead bin of my scheduled US Airways flight back to US. I had no issues leaving USA with the rod case, but was told I would have to check rod case on return back into the U S. as I had already checked two pieces of luggage with scuba gear...this was a new issue and costly! Love my fly rods and hate to have to buy a 4 piece for this one trip! FYI for others with three piece set up...
[info]Mitchell Herman (NY, USA) - April 8, 2010
US travelers, please note that GCM security applies a different rule on contact lens solution than does the US TSA. The US TSA considers contact lens solution to be a medicine and as such permits it with carry on in bottles over the 3oz/100ml limit. The screeners at GCM do not, and were quite rude about it too.
[3 stars]Michael Callahan (Toronto, Canada) - March 30, 2008
I have been coming here for many years and I always find the staff and immigaration people most friendly and helpfull. Security checks sometimes take awhile, but probably has more to do with the volume of people at certain times of the day. Great band when you arrive!
L Johnson (USA) - March 9, 2008
I was very frustrated by the way the fluid restriction was handled; specifically that security was only allowing one type of plastic bag. I'm not sure if GCM has it's own rules about carrying on fluids, but the TSA and BAA websites say that the plastic bag just has to be clear, resealable, and smaller than a certain size. BAA: "Liquid items may only be carried in containers holding up to 100ml.
They must be carried separately in a single transparent, re-sealable plastic bag.
The bag must be no larger than 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in) and all items must fit inside so that it closes properly."
Securtiy told me I had to either throw away my stuff or get out of line and buy a specific plastic bag because my own resealable transparent bag that was smaller than the limit was not acceptable to security. (This was after I had waited 2.5 hrs to get checked-in to US Airways and get up to security while my flight was getting ready to depart). I had no choice but to throw away my stuff so I wouldn't miss my flight. But as far as I can tell I was following the regulations. Other customers were forced to throw away their fluids as well even though they had plastic bags that seemed to meet BAA and TSA regulations, but were not the exact size and shape requested by your security.

Aside from that very irritating experience, the workers at GCM were very nice despite the US Airways chaos. They made sure we got on our flights despite US Airways poor staffing.

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Cayman Islands travel facts

Basic stats

CapitalGeorge Town (on Grand Cayman)


Country code+1.345
International dialing prefix011

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