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Governors Harbour Airport
Governors Harbour, Bahamas

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North Eleuthera International Airport, North Eleuthera (ELH), 41km (26mi)
S Eleuthera Airport, Rock Sound (RSD), 46km (29mi)
Nassau International Airport, Nassau (NAS), 118km (74mi)
Staniel Cay Airport, Staniel Cay (TYM), 127km (79mi)
The Bight Airport, The Bight (TBI), 140km (87mi)

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Passenger feedback

[4 stars]Julie H (Canada) - February 15, 2022
I JUST came from Governors Harbour Airport on Valentines Day and would LOVE TO speak with a senior administrator. This airport has AMAZING employees. We were in a bit of a bind in regards to testing (through no fault of our own) as our PCR tests had not come back in the time frame they were supposed to. Two of the employees (I call them my Valentines angels) went sooo far above and beyond to get what we needed to help that I was astounded at the service they provided. Our visit to Eleuthera was fabulous!! But these airport employees... touched my heart and were the high light of my trip. They reminded me there are people out there who TRULY CARE!! And this airport should be PROUD to have them on their staff!! Thanks Southern air for your exceptional service!!

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Bahamas travel facts

Basic stats

English proficiency
Diplomacy30 Bahamas embassies and consulates


CurrencyBahamian dollar (B$ / BSD)
Euro exchange rate€1 = B$1.42
B$1 = €0.70
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = B$0.99
B$1 = US$1.01


Country code+1.242
International dialing prefix011


Plug type

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