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Karratha Airport — Karratha, WA, Australia


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Passenger feedback

[1 stars]K.Tutt (Australia) - June 9, 2013
When I first arrived I was waiting for my bags when I noticed the seat next to me had a small bag with what looked like a half chewed ecstacy tablet in it. Noticing the single security guard I promptly moved on and thought "Welcome to Karratha".

The security guard seems to walk around aimlessly annoying customers. He asked a couple standing next to me "Are you waiting for a lift?" in a manner that implied that they shouldn't be loitering here on his personal property. It was pretty obvious they were waiting for a lift considering they just got off a plane and were standing in front of the 2 min parking for pickups only. They had literally been waiting for 5 mins only.

The size of the Qantas lounge is a joke as my lounge room at home is bigger and its not fun to spend intimate time in such a small space with 20 smelly miners. There is a reasonable selection of food for such a small airport.

Finally, security staff have no idea how to operate an airport. My hat was lost in their x-ray machine more likely than not because the person jamming peoples personal items into it thought it would be a great idea to put it into another plastic tray. Unfortunately I didn't realize that. Rather than alert me straight away as I was clearly dazed from working a 16hr day the intelligent staff let me leave the terminal before they found the hat then decided to hang it on a post in departures. Really intelligent when I was close to the last person on the last flight of the day. Half an hour later the cleaners would have came along and threw it in a bin. Hello, lost and found you morons. That is how professional airports and operations run.

Overall Disappointing. Like most services in Karratha - lacking professionalism.

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Diplomacy141 Australian embassies and consulates
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