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Palm Beach County Airport
West Palm Beach, FL, USA

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Palm Beach International Airport, West Palm Beach (PBI), 10km (7mi)
Public Airport, Boca Raton (BCT), 24km (15mi)
Pompano Beach Airport, Pompano Beach (PPM), 39km (25mi)
Executive Airport, Fort Lauderdale (FXE), 45km (28mi)
Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale (FLL), 58km (37mi)

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Passenger feedback

I grant - October 10, 2020
Is a quarantine in place for incoming flights
[1 stars]Marifer - October 28, 2019
I would like to report these agents in reference to the poor information regarding service animals. On Sunday October 27 on our way back to New York, these people that I will mention were not friendly at all and are lacking in information: LEANDRA LEAD, NASH CRO, another agent who could not get his name, her uniform is orange shirt and navy blue pants this lady is arrogant and does not have personality dealing with customers at the airport.

Leandra Lead is not aware of what a service dog is, however she made accusations since my dog ​​barked a little,for your information Ms. Lead it’s barking is the way to alert when my husband has risen the pressure or the sugar in his blood. My dog ​​did not attack anyone was calm but its knows when his owner is stressed or something abnormal.Also my dog can sense bad vibes about people.

Mr. Nash was very kind, we understood that he was doing his job and we appreciated him, but he forgot to give us the paper that our service dog passed his verification.

This agent who wore a uniform orange shirt and dark blue pants also attended us I could not get his name, .This lady has no personality and she is very arrogant. however, after passing immigration, this lady again when we were boarding the plane asks us for a verification document of our service dog. Nash forgot to provide the release ok for service dog.

The lady apparently tried to harass us. But we are protected by law for those who have service dogs.

My suggestion is to educate these people so they can learn :
what are the rights for those who have have a service dogs, emotional support or others
1-they agents should be learn to ask the right questions what kind of service does your pet lend you? For the information of those of us who have pets as a service dog emotional support or others.

“We Must not provide any medical information “.theses agents no supposed to request your pets to performance any task to prove whether they are service dogs.

After this unpleasant experience I’m warning those traveling with their pets do not use this airport, these agents produce stress and nothing friendly lack of information and communication between them .

Marifer L.

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