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Miri Airport
Miri, Malaysia


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Passenger feedback

Tony Sikorsky (Lagos) - February 23, 2014
Departure hall handicapped toilet is infested with mosquitoes. Is the authority concerned not doing anything about it ? The toilet is filthy and the door handle is sharp and hard to shut the door . This is safety and health concern.
[1 stars]surasak (Bangkok) - October 9, 2013
Dear sir/madam

I am Thai and I am one of international employee who is travelling/working in Malaysia for more than 10 years.

Today 9th of October I traveled from Bangkok to Miri for my medical check up I stuck at immigration office in Miri as my work permit is valid up to 9th Oct but actually my purpose of visiting here is medical check up this happened because when I passed immigration at KLIA I was thinking the officer would gave me a Social Visit Pass allow me to stay longer even my work permit is going to expire today but he stamped and gave me only 1 day validity.
Honestly this is my fault as well I should be looking.

My concerns are
1. I need to get out from the country but immigration officers don't allow me to fly with Air Asia I have to fly with MH as I came with MH , MH flights re not available and now I have to be here waiting for MH flight on tomorrow morning.Now I am alone in the room (sleeping room) all the lights outside re switched off,could not see the way if want to go to toilet.
Person should be able to choose the flights by herself/himself as ticket is purchased on his/her own budget

2.When MH officer came to me and brought me to security room on the 1st floor I saw the table in the room which is used for charging VHF/UHF radios.I sat on there as the room has not much space ,table is not high to make it kind of impolite and nobody is around only one group of security guys re having some food in another room but suddenly one of security guy came and stared at me with un friendly words and acting asked me to get out from the table,honestly I was kind shock with his words and his behavior I was saying that I am not a smuggler, stow way , I did not do any wrong I just having problem with my visa without finishing my words he just saying you just get out from the room.This one make me thinking one in the movie.

This is not the right way to treat people like this, I see procedures must be followed but people also have right to say the word and if things it is not right.

I am appreciated and thanks a lot if you could pass my feedback to person who get involved or person above who could make some changes.

Best regards

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Malaysia travel facts

Basic stats

Population25 million
English proficiency
CapitalKuala Lumpur
Diplomacy105 Malaysian embassies and consulates
TourismFree vacation activities in Malaysia


CurrencyMalaysian ringgit (RM / MYR)
Euro exchange rate€1 = RM4.33
RM1 = €0.23
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = RM3.06
RM1 = US$0.33


Country code+60
International dialing prefix00
GSM standard900/1800/3G


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