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Nanded, India

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Passenger feedback

[question]Manmohan (Bangalore) - October 20, 2014
I am visiting with family from Bangalore to Nanded this November. Need to know if anyone has idea of a flight to Nanded.
Last year I went with family first time in Nanded Express from Bangalore and the food was pathetic, bloody damn chilies in whole food which railways served. Train was damn slow moving.
Any suggestions to reduce the travel time to Nanded is welcome!
RAMAN DEEP SINGH ARORA (delhi) - May 28, 2014
Plzzzzz start flights Delhi to direct SRI HAZUR SHB JI NANDED
[info]gurkirpal singh (punjab) - January 30, 2014
sat shri akaal. meh chandigarh or amritsar toh nanded sahib nu jana hai par meh itho direct flight na hoon kar k nahi ja sakda.if anybody knows pls let me know and punjab govt nu b chandigarh and amritsar toh direct flights deh lai india govt nal gal karni chahidi hai...thanks
[question]Gurjender Singh - January 30, 2014
I traveled from Bombay To Nanded by air flight. This was very good flight and nice airport. I just checked that no air flight goes to Nanded. There is any reason. They should start smaller plane instead of big planes to Nanded.
[info]capt jagatjit singh - October 29, 2008
new airline in canada to
start charter flights to
patna and nanded .subject to approval .the new startup
will use b757-200 aircraft
[info]Narinder Gulati (CANADA) - September 19, 2008
This is a answer to all those people who wish to travel to Nanded (Hazoor sahib). Fly to Hyderabad Airport is convenient and less crowded than Bombay. From hyderabd take a Taxi or Devengiri Express train leaving at 1:30 pm and reaching nanded in 6 hours. Do not depend on RED TAPISM of Airport Authrity of India.
BSMankoo (London) - September 7, 2008
I did flew on a return flight on Vayudoot' Dornier from Aurangabad to Nanded in the early 90's and what a memorable trip that was. I have the honour to be at the holy HAZUR SAHIB and other Gurdwara's along with meeting people of this fascinating Great town.
So warm and welcoming they were.
Nanded Airport was a small, friendly, efficient and fully operational then. Now I do get saddened to hear that for whatever reasons its only taking Bureaucrats flights.

WAKE UP modern India. Opportunities like this will always bring more revenues and jobs to the region as it will invite more tourism and pilgrims from abroad and will definitely promote Inter cultural understandings.
If there was an operational airport then, than what is stopping it from getting an Air worthiness certificate now. Just learn to cut that bloody RED Tape, what Indian Bureaucrats are used to. Be people (Customer) friendly and start thinking from a wider angle and you will find yourself in a more prosperous and happy outcome. Open yourselves to a brighter blue skies.
[4 stars]Manisha Singh (Oman) - August 30, 2008
Dear Mr. Prafull Patel

PLease start international flights to Aurangabad and Nanded Airport - Direct or with stoppage. We really need since Mumbai airport is very crowded. and its easy for us to get to our home towns.

Muscat to Aurangabad / Nanded
[question]ONKAR SINGH MBE (london) - August 22, 2008
[question]mohd saleem mohd pasha (SHARJAH (UAE)) - July 31, 2008
sir, Iam to much happy to NDC NANDED aiport open but i dont know when will be start? i have some suggestion if possible from SHARJAH INTL TO NDC NANDED AIRPORT because have AIRARABIA airlines their cheaper and i can afford,in my case their in NANDED near by big citys if u start this flight you can get the more passenger in our place, give me the reply as soon as possible

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