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Miller Field
Reed City, MI, USA

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Big Rapids Airport, Big Rapids (WBR), 20km (13mi)
Cadillac Airport, Cadillac (CAD), 42km (27mi)
Municipal Airport, Mount Pleasant (MOP), 70km (44mi)
Blacker Airport, Manistee (MBL), 72km (45mi)
Mason County Airport, Ludington (LDM), 72km (45mi)

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[info]Stanley Ring (Born in Keene, NH, Now live in Venice, FL) - July 6, 2019
On 8-4-1972 I started my flight back from the Oshkosh EAA fly-in back to East Haddam, CT airport (my home airport). The weather was great so rather than fly south around the south end of the lake I decided to fly across the lake. My aircraft was a 1940 Piper J4A which I had restored and completed an STC on it with a change to a larger engine and metal prop. Fortunately all went well and we, my 10 year old son and I, landed at Miller Field. We continued on to Mt. Pleasant Airport, then to St Clair County airport where we stayed the night. Next morning we continued across Ontario, Canada and landed at Geneseo County airport in New York. We finished the trip to our home field in East Haddam, CT. for total flight time from Oshkosh in about 14 hours time. I was a pilot in WWII.

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