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Salinas Airport — Salinas, Ecuador

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Simon Bolivar Airport, Guayaquil (GYE), 123km (77mi)
Tumbes Airport, Tumbes, Peru (TBP), 164km (102mi)
Manta Airport, Manta (MEC), 248km (155mi)
Talara Airport, Talara, Peru (TYL), 264km (165mi)
Chachoan Airport, Ambato (ATF), 290km (181mi)

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Passenger feedback

[info]Simon Keith (Switzerland) - January 17, 2024
TAME used to fly there but it looks completely abandoned now, apart from the odd Air Force flight it's all very quiet. There's a cute little terminal and acres of empty parking lots. According to the locals it was in reality a vanity project/corruption opportunity.
Lee Douglas Spotswood (St. Louis, Missouri) - March 15, 2014
Am a retired Boeing employee who now lives in Salinas Ecuador and would be interested in working for the airport or the airlines who fly in, such as LAN.
Craig shandler (Kansas usa) - January 17, 2014
Cannot make reservation of any kind tried to book toQuito but no can do

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Ecuador travel facts

Basic stats

Population14 million
Diplomacy94 Ecuadorian embassies and consulates


CurrencyUS dollar ($ / USD)
Euro exchange rate€1 = $1.44
$1 = €0.70


Country code+593
International dialing prefix00


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