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Tianjin Binhai International Airport
Tianjin, China


AirAsiaAsiana AirlinesChina Southern Airlines
Japan Air LinesSpring Airlines

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Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing (PEK), 125km (78mi)
Xingcheng Airport, Xingcheng (XEN), 209km (130mi)
Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport, Shijiazhuang (SJW), 249km (155mi)
Jinan Airport, Jinan (TNA), 253km (158mi)
Weifang Airport, Weifang (WEF), 311km (194mi)

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Passenger feedback

[question]Hélio Oliveira (Massachusetts USA) - June 8, 2021
Hi, my name is Hélio and I live in Massachusetts USA.

I’m looking for information about some aircrafts that I’m interested in buying model Viper SD-4 that were abandoned by a bankrupted company at a bonded warehouse at Tianjin Airport. Any information you guys can give me such as phone numbers, email will be very welcome

Thank you
Kind rgds
Hélio Oliveira
[question]siti (malaysia) - November 27, 2010
i would like to know how long does it takes from Tianjin TSN airport to the bullet train station? how long will it takes to go to the bullet train station?
[question]indra (indonesia) - December 18, 2009
hi Shu!
I'm going to china on April 2010 end up at tianjin from beijing, until now i only know the bullet train serves beijing to tianjin (cost around 58 RMB), and from the tianjin station there's airport shuttle bus to the airport.
Since you already have been to tianjin (Oct 09 isnt it?) I actually wanna ask you question about the schedule of those transportation. I'll have to catch my flight at 8:00 AM, whats the best way and time to go from beijing to the airport?
[question]Hyun Sang Suh (Korea, Republic of.) - September 15, 2009
Hello, I will go to Tianjin on 16, next month. And then I will go to Beijing by the train. So, I have one question that how i can go to tianjin train station (天津站) from airport.
I heard that there is some shuttle bus between airport and train station.
so, Can u give me some information such as where i can shuttle bus, and bus fare, and timetable.
Best wishes,

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China travel facts

Basic stats

Population1322 million
English proficiency
Diplomacy229 Chinese embassies and consulates


CurrencyYuan Renminbi (¥ / CNY)
Euro exchange rate€1 = ¥9.80
¥1 = €0.10
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = ¥6.82
¥1 = US$0.15


Country code+86
International dialing prefix00
GSM standard900


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